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Now Only $500 for a 2-girl,
20 minute match.


Last week we were saddened to learn that we lost a great beauty and darling of wrestling fans, Candi.

Candi was among the youngest in our first wave of DT stars. In this talented group of women including Sandy, Mia and Francesca, Candi immediately struck a chord with wrestling fans, who fell hard for her golden-haired, baby-faced beauty, her sweet demeanor and her wild energy. All of us at DT loved her professional, "anything-goes" attitude. Slugging, mud-wrestling, catfighting, superheroines - Candi was ready for any kind of combat we asked of her, and she went at her opponents with a fiery energy that was tough to overcome and great fun to watch.

Candi passed away on April 30th. Though she had been absent from our ring for some time, she remained a close friend to us and a favorite among DT fans; she will be dearly missed.

If you wish to make a contribution to aid her family, please click here.

All Matches from DT-626 through DT-650 now half-price!
Every match, every format: DVDs, HQs and more!
If it's from DT-626-01 through DT-650-03, it's 50% off until May 31st!

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Ebony beauty Ana Foxxx lives in LA and is looking for matches.
Ivory beauty Misty Lovelace is new to DT and in town June 12-18.

Serena Blair will be back in LA May 22-28.
Charlie Mancini in town in June.
Kerri Spectrum is coming June 13-18.
Kendra James is back June 21-30
Sadie Holmes returns at the end of June.

Click Here or Call 323-466-6007!

Keep up to date with the newest releases,
upcoming matches and other DT news:

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New Epic Battles Episode with Goldie and Kianna Added 5/24/2016
New High Quality Downloads Added 05/20/2016
15 New Downloads Added 5/10/2016
New Mixed Fresh Faces Match Added 5/03/2016
New Mixed Match with Alix Lynx Added 3/29/2016
6 New DVDs Titles Added 01/22/2016
New Competitive Match with Jamie Lynn Added 10/20/2015
New NUDE Pro Style Match Added 10/13/2015
New Special Fantasy Match added 08/11/2015
7 New Special Request Matches added 03/04/2015

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