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Now Only $500 for a 2-girl,
20 minute match.



Quantity in Basket:none
Code: PS-013

Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds

Match 1 -Cali Logan is ready to take on a real pro and Onyx is the lucky lady. Of course our super pro is sure this will just be a walk in the park, I mean how dare this little girl even get in the ring with her and she shows her this with a strong head lock, all the time talking trash to the cute little upstart. But wait Cali has been training and she surprises the sexy pro with a waist scissor and she isn't about to let it go not until poor Onyx has the wind thoughly sucked out of her. Cali now starts her demolition of the dazed brunette, hard into the turnbuckle she slams her head then a shoulder to the waist and we're off, Boston crab, choke, head scissors - oh my, could cute little Cali really beat up this big bad pro -- looks like it but it just doesn't seem possible!

Match 2 -Sandy White, everyones favorite bruiser, goes after the sleek brown beauty Celeste Star in this pro style beat down. Celeste's beauty is only matched by her fiery competitive nature, so she is ready for a real battle. Sandy's beautiful face rimed by her golden curls belies her destructive nature, yes she truly enjoys tearing apart smaller girls, like a lion with a deer she stalks them, wears them down then devours them! Celeste puts up a gallant fight, with her own blows and holds but how can anyone endure those crushing slams to the canvas, yes over and over Sandy throws Celeste's lithe body to the mat shattering her bones and her will. Round after round she goes after her prey, it's a joy to watch a pro at work, even if the work is so destructive. So creative she gets as she finds her victim can bend so far, stretching in all directions till both body and will are broken, till the poor girl is annihilated!!!

Match 3 - Great holds and beautiful shit talking girls, that's what we have when cute Celeste Star goes up against the great Ariel X. Both start topless and stretching as they talk trash, who's going to win and how - each is ready for destruction but Celeste draws fist blood as she gets Ariel trapped in the corner and pummels her, hard gut slugs soon have Ariel on the mat in a gut wrenching scissors ant then a great abdominal stretch, more corner action followed by a grapevine, boston crab and figure four. Sleek Ariel can seems destroyed but never count her out as she is as tough as they come - yes both these girls are tough and both love putting on painful holds - some how Ariel finds a way to come back and uses many of the same holds on Celeste but also adding the dreaded ceiling press. They both take turns at slaughtering their victims and it just comes down to who can take the most pain - because these holds are filled with the agony of true torment that only a sustained tortuous hold can deliver.