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SPECIAL FANTASIES - Emily vs. Ariella

SPECIAL FANTASIES - Emily vs. AriellaQuantity in Basket:none
Code: SF-020-02HQ

Shipping Weight: 0.00 pounds
Emily Addison vs. Ariella Ferrera

Time: 16 Minutes/ 355 MB

Emily Addison and her perfect alabaster body tight against Ariella Ferrera and her most voluptuous brown body - now that's a beautiful site. Emily is sound asleep when Ariella sneaks in, takes off her top freeing those fabulous breasts, then proceeds to place that large cup sized bra around Emily's face - waking her to a breathless state of fear. This is just the beginning of the one-sided onslaught the beautiful brunette has in store for poor Emily, next she uses her hand to take Em's breath away and to make it complete she pinches her nose closed. Next comes the real delight as Ariella uses her large soft breasts to cover that sweet face of Emily, both breasts cover her whole head then each breast singularly smashes over her face. Emily gasps for air but over and over the breasts are lowered. Finally she pulls away, and Emily sucks up the air -- it's over - no, now comes that breathless kiss as Ariella locks her succulent lips over Em's soft mouth, this is one hard long kiss! Now it's over -- or is it ?!?!?!