Tanya vs. Tylene/Tanya vs. Celeste/Tylene vs. JC

Tanya vs. Tylene/Tanya vs. Celeste/Tylene vs. JC
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    Match 1 -Two of the sexiest blonds ever! Tylene and Tanya are at it in this sex driven match, a fight soon turns into a long choke hold and Tanya sucks the air and will out of Tylene, then stripes her naked and has her way with her. Now when Tanya has her way with someone she likes it both ways, she's tender and caressing but on a dime she can turn into the tormenter. Poor Tylene, one minute her voluptuous body is approaching nirvana and the next she is screaming in pain. Stroking, sucking, rubbing - then slapping, grabbing, scratching - will poor Tylene ever reach her climax?

    Match 2 -The luscious Tanya puts sexy Celeste in an elaborate metal contraption that clamps around her neck, then goes down her back where it cuffs her wrists and ankles. Her victim secured she proceeds to have her way with her, tweaking her pert nipples and savagely attacking the rest of her vulnerable, sleek brown body. Poor Celeste can take no more and Tanya tires of her torture, but when she is gone Celeste escapes and lies in wait for Tanya. Upon her return it's Celeste's turn to employ some hardware - Tanya is fitted with a metal collar around her neck and her wrists cuffed, now it's Tanya's tantalizing body that gets the business. Her billowing breasts are attacked as she is defenseless against the destruction - her entire sleek figure is under assault as Celeste gets her revenge!

    Match 3 -For those that like their combat with weapons, we have another great one featuring two of the hottest blondes ever: Tylene Buck and JC Marie. They are both vying for an acting role so they need to make each fight very real - all the suffering right up to their last agonizing breath is a true struggle. They fight with Knives and swords, their blond locks flying in the fracas, their sleek muscles strain to plunge the weapon in - the fight becomes all too real as with each fight they feel the impending doom. Two sexy creatures battling to the finish - the thrust, the pain, the suffering, the end!